Marco Valenza


I was born in Latina on 8th November 1970. The day after graduating I moved to Milan to work full time in the editorial staff of the weekly magazine Super Basket and at the age of 21 I became a professional journalist. I met and interviewed the greatest players, coaches and managers in Europe and published 3 books. As a market expert, I happen to “fabricate” my rumors, giving traders the ideas that then become reality. I then decide to eliminate a step….

In 2000 I start working as an agent. I am passionate about rules, contracts, team building and negotiations, but most of all developing strategies to help players and coaches in a constant and successful challenge toward success.

In 2015 I founded MVP (“Marco Valenza & Partners”). I sign deals in all categories in Italy, but also in Spain, France, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Cyprus, Argentina, and the United States. Thousands of contracts, tens of thousands of hours on the phone, millions of miles, endless satisfaction alongside athletes and families.

When people ask me where your headquarters is, I say “on the highway.” This is a joke up to a point, as it is my hallmark to be as close as possible physically to clients and their everyday lives.


+39 335 585 8205

Marco Valenza