Our mission is to assist our clients so that they are able to reach their full potential. This is achieved by helping them with experience, honesty and dedication in every aspect of sports and non-sports life, down to an inch from the court, a minute from the tip off. Thus, our task lies in making a “tailor-made suit”, so as to place each client in the best possible situation. Mind you, however, this does not mean a “comfort zone,” as we strongly believe that the growth and success

of our clients comes through challenges at an increasingly higher level. In this operation, our job is to find the best contract along with coaches and managers who share our vision regarding our players and the goals to be achieved. Once the contract is signed, sports management for the next contract begins immediately in execution of a middle term plan. Our staff works 365 days a year to “team up” and become, together, MVPs.

Our Services

  • Career planning
  • Market analysis
  • Negotiation and definition of the engagement
  • Tax, legal, insurance assistance
  • Individual technical and physical work off season
  • Off-court guidance, family relations
  • Media relations
  • Medical counseling, checkups, nutrition and health
  • Image and sponsorships