Enzo Garsia


I was born in Latina on 21st March 1966. I played basketball for 22 years, winning a Serie C championship with Aprilia and playing Serie B with my hometown team.

In 1998 I started as a general manager and shortly thereafter for the first time my path crossed with that of a then-young agent, Marco Valenza. With Latina, as gm, I led 3 promotions, taking the team from C1 to the professionalism of the current Legadue. In 2009 I brought young K.C. Rivers to Europe for the first time, a few months later I sold him for a fair buyout to the then Benetton Treviso; for the rookie it would be the first of 11 years in the Euroleague or Eurocup.

In 2010 my third basketball life began, as a sports agent. I have always basically helped players to give their best: first as a teammate, then as an executive, finally as an agent, big brother, guide, spiritual father. In 2016 the circle comes full circle with the reunion with Marco Valenza, in total identity of philosophy and views.

Players are the most important part of our world, but also the most fragile. I provide them with experience, knowledge of the rules, respect, passion and precision. My management background embellishes the everyday work, I know how they think and what clubs are looking for.


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